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Forgot my password

Q: What if I forgot my password?

A: Please go to our Reset Password page.
1. Enter the email address you registered with to request a password reset email.
2. You will receive an email from us with a link to reset your password.
3. Follow this link to the password reset form, where you can enter your new password.

Shipping & Delivery

Q: How long does contact lens delivery take?

A: Provided the lenses are in stock, items typically arrive within 3-6 business days of shipping. Please allow more time for remote or isolated areas.

Q: May I request a specific date for delivery?

A: Since delivery is made by a 3rd party, we cannot control delivery dates. Please contact the shipping/delivery company directly for such inquiries or requests.

Q: What if a package is returned to Tru-Lens due to an address error?

A: Please contact our customer support team so we may assist you in resending your package. Additional shipping costs may apply.
Please note: We will not resend packages over 30 days old. We will not refund orders after 1 year of purchase.

Q: What if I receive multiple orders in one parcel?

A: Our shipping team may combine multiple orders to your delivery address to make receiving your lenses easier.

Shipping Cost

Q: How much is the shipping fee?

A: We deliver contact lenses anywhere in Canada via Canada Post for the standard flat rate of CAD$11.95 per order, regardless of your location.

Order Confirmation

Q: How will I know if my order was processed?

A: After you’ve completed your order, we’ll send you a confirmation email.

Q: What if I do not receive a confirmation email?

A: If you do not receive a confirmation email, please use this inquiry form to let us know. You may also visit My Account to confirm your purchase.

Q: What if I made a mistake on my order?

A: Please contact us immediately. If your order has not yet been processed, we may be able to cancel the order.

However, if your order has already been shipped, we will instruct you how to send us the unopened boxes. Once we receive your returned items, we’ll ship you the correct items.

* Additional shipping costs will apply.

Q: What kind of conditions apply for returns or exchanges?

A: Click here for details on our Return Policy.

Colored Lenses

Q: Can I wear colored contact lenses if I have 20/20 vision?

A: For customers with 20/20 vision, we offer colored contact lenses with a [0.00] power . However the base curve is only available in one size. In order to wear colored contact lenses, you must consult your eye care specialist if:

  • you are trying contact lenses for the first time.
  • you have any allergies.
  • you do not understand how to handle contact lenses.

We are not liable for any complications caused by using contact lenses. Please follow the instructions given to you by your eye care specialist.

Lens Prescriptions

Q: Do I need a prescription to place an order?

A: Yes, you must have a valid prescription from a registered eye care specialist. Please ensure that the prescription on your order information is the same as what was provided by your eye care specialist.

Q: How do I know my lens prescription if I don’t have a paper copy with me?

A: If you currently wear contact lenses, this information can be found on the side of your lens boxes. Be aware that one eye may have a different prescription than the other.

Q: Where else can I find my lens prescription data?

A: Ask your eye care specialist to email a copy of your prescription to you.

Q: Is it possible to use contact lenses if the DIA is different from my lens RX?

A: We strongly recommend selecting contact lenses as directed by your eye care specialist.

Q: I cannot find lenses for farsighted eyes (+) from your site’s POWER selection list.

A: Currently, we do not carry lenses for farsighted eyes (+), nor do we carry progressive or toric lenses. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Eye examinations

Q: Do I need an eye exam before purchasing contact lenses?

A: Yes, contact lenses are medical devices. Therefore, you must be examined by a certified eye care specialist before purchasing contacts. You must also follow the manufacturer's instructions and any guidance and instructions provided by your eye care specialist.

Q: Do I need to have my eyes examined periodically?

A: Yes, we recommend having your eyes checked periodically, as directed by your eye care specialist.


Q: Can you do direct billing with my insurance company?

A: Unfortunately, we are not able to provide direct billing service.

Q: Will I be able to submit my purchase to my insurance for reimbursement?

A: Many of our customers have submitted claims to their insurance companies. For more details, we recommend verifying with your insurance company first.

Q: Can I get your company information for my insurance claim?

A: Please contact our customer support team after your order has been shipped out.

Q: Can I get my invoice for insurance purposes?

A: You will receive a printed copy of your invoice with your order. A digital copy will be available from your account page after your order is shipped out.


Q: What if I receive contact lenses that are different from what I have ordered?

A: Please contact us immediately by using the inquiry form. Provide your name, Order ID and the lens data listed on the lens boxes that you received. Lens data is usually found on the sides of lens boxes and will include the PWR/power of the lens.

Q: How can I cancel my order?

A: For cancellations or refunds, please see our new Shipping and Returns page.

Q: What if I find a defective lens?

A:If you’re wearing the lenses, please remove them immediately and contact us via our inquiry form. Include your name and order ID. Do not throw out the original lens boxes, as you may need to return these to us.

Q: What kind of solution should I use?

A: Please follow the guidance of your eye care specialist when choosing contact lens solutions. It is also helpful to check the lens manufacturer's recommendations.

Q: Do you issue a receipt? What information does it contain?

A: Our standard receipt, enclosed with the delivered goods, states the customer's name; purchase info (unit cost, total cost, quantity ordered, and purchase date); payment method; product details (product name and style); optometrist data for each product.

Q: What if my contact lenses are frozen?

A: You can let them thaw at room temperature for 24 hours before wearing them. Since contact lenses are individually sealed and sterilized there will be no change in your wearing experience.